Collection: DFY PLR Journal Templates

Discover the ultimate solution to effortlessly create beautiful, customized journals with our Done-For-You (DFY) PLR Journal Templates. Unlock your creativity and save valuable time with these versatile templates, designed to empower you on your personal growth journey. Here's what you can expect:

🌟 Empower Your Audience: Are you a coach, influencer, or content creator? With the PLR option, you can empower your audience by providing them with beautiful, ready-made journals. They'll appreciate the thoughtfulness and value you bring to their lives.

📚 4 Stunning Cover Designs: Our DFY PLR Journal Templates come with a collection of 4 captivating cover designs to choose from. Each design is carefully crafted to capture your attention and inspire you every time you open your journal.

✏️ 30 Journal Prompts or Affirmations: Choose your path to self-discovery and personal reflection. With our templates, you can select either 30 thought-provoking journal prompts or 30 empowering affirmations to accompany your writing journey. Unleash your creativity or embrace a positive mindset—tailor your journal to your needs.

📓 Two Convenient Sizes: To cater to your preferences, our templates are available in two sizes: 8.5 x 11 and 6 x 9. Opt for the larger size if you enjoy ample space for your thoughts and ideas, or choose the compact size for a more portable journaling experience.

🔢 100 Lined Note Pages: Within each template, you'll find 100 lined note pages, providing you with an abundance of space to jot down your reflections, goals, dreams, and more. Let your pen glide smoothly on the pages as you express yourself and document your personal growth.

🖌️ Designed in Canva: We've created these templates using Canva, a user-friendly design tool that allows for easy customization. Whether you're a design novice or an experienced creator, you'll find it effortless to personalize these templates to reflect your unique style and brand.

📖 Optional Printing Service: Worried about printing your journals? We've got you covered! For a nominal fee of $10, we offer an additional service to transform your digital templates into professionally printed hardcover or softcover books. Simply sit back, relax, and let us handle the printing process for you.

🎁 Unlock Your Creative Potential: The possibilities are endless with our DFY PLR Journal Templates. Personalize, repurpose and transform them into your own unique creations with your own brand.