Collection: Total Fitness For Life

Welcome to Total Fitness For Life's official merchandise store! We're delighted to introduce our specially curated range of branded apparel, created in collaboration with our partner, Sonya-K-Crafts, designed with a focus on grown and fit women aged 50 and older.

At Total Fitness For Life, we celebrate the beauty of aging naturally, productively, and elegantly. Our mission is to empower women in their golden years to lead active and fulfilling lives. Our high-quality hoodies, tank tops, and t-shirts are not just clothing; they're a statement of vitality, strength, and confidence.

Why choose our fitness apparel?

Comfort and Quality: We understand that comfort and quality become even more essential as we age. Our clothing is designed with the softest, most breathable fabrics to ensure you feel your best while staying active.

Ageless Elegance: Our designs embrace the wisdom and beauty that come with age. From inspirational quotes to our signature "Grown and Fit Women" logo, our apparel reflects your journey with style and grace.

Support Your Trainer: Your purchases directly support Total Fitness For Life and our dedicated personal trainer, Anithea, as she continues her mission to empower women over 50 to live life to the fullest.

Versatility: Our apparel is tailored to accommodate a range of fitness activities, from gentle yoga to invigorating strength training. Stay comfortable and confident during any workout or daily routine.

Perfect Gifts: Looking for a meaningful gift for the strong and beautiful women in your life? Our branded clothing is a wonderful choice, honoring the wisdom and elegance that come with age.

Join us on your journey to a healthier, more vibrant life. Shop our collection today and embrace the Total Fitness For Life community, where growing older means growing stronger.

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Celebrate the strength, wisdom, and beauty of aging naturally, productively, and elegantly with Total Fitness For Life and Sonya-K-Crafts.

Stay fit, stay confident, and age with grace and power!